Magna Carta - 800th Anniversary

Magna Carta, or "the Great Charter" as its Latin translation, celebrates its 800th anniversary today.

Agreed by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, it is known as being a powerful symbol for rights and freedoms. Its most famous clause, which still applies today, is that all free men have the right to justice and a fair trial. To learn more, here is a brief history of the famous parchment from The British Library:

How does this relate to Houndgate Townhouse in Darlington, you may ask? After just twenty minutes on the train from Darlington to Durham, guests can go and view Durham Cathedral's 1216 issue of Magna Carta on display at Palace Green Library, Durham University until 31st August.

Durham Cathedral have used this lovely image of artwork that Emma Bridgewater has designed on a mug in celebration of the anniversary:

Google have also got involved with today's doodle of King John and his subjects...


...and, yes, Jay-Z's 2013 album was also named after this famous document, sealed 800 years ago today.