Artful Bedrooms - We Are Three!

On the first of August 2016 we will celebrate three years of trading here at Houndgate Townhouse.

To celebrate we have chosen some artwork from Artful (the same company we got our Armando Ferrari staircase pieces from)  for the bedrooms - the final finishing touch.

We have chosen the following pieces, one for each bedroom:

Broken Promises | Construction #03 | Don't Wait Too Long | Drive Home

Into The Night | Letting Go | Shift | Big vs Small

A bit anbout the artist, according to her Artful bio:

Liesel Böckl was born in Kobe, Japan to a German father and a Japanese mother. She now lives and works in London.

Her collages are carefully constructed spaces which house her memories and experiences. They are carefully assembled using found textures and objects and then photographed.

Amongst the group exhibitions Liesel has participated and exhibited her work in are “London Vox”, Red Gate Gallery, London, 2010; “Time”, WW Gallery, London, 2010; “BOGOF”, WW Gallery London. Her work has also been featured in “Digital Arts”, “Figaro Japan" and "The Green Parent”.

Let us know which is your favourite!